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Nov 21 2023

Leeds Architecture Award Win!

We're delighted to have won the 2023 Leeds Architecture Award for Altered Building for Opera North: Music Works.

May 31 2022

Completion of Final Building at Mustard Wharf, Leeds

Final touches as we approach the completion of Building C, our final building at Mustard Wharf, Leeds.

May 31 2022

Surface Water Reservoir, Bardsey, Leeds

It's so exciting to see the conversion of the former Yorkshire Water redundant surface water reservoir at Bardsey, Leeds.

Apr 07 2022

Leeds Bus Station Tranformation

Leeds is such a great place to live and work, which is why we’re so excited to be working on an important new project in the city.

Apr 05 2022

Planning Application to Leeds City Council for Town Centre Securities

We are pleased to confirm we have submitted a detailed planning application to Leeds City Council as part of our joint venture with Glenbrook for the £280million full masterplan development of our Leeds Whitehall Riverside scheme.

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