Our Design Approach

With us you will have a visible and contactable team. You will meet, and communicate regularly, with our people assigned to your project. We do not have a veiled management structure designed to achieve financial targets substituted by inexperienced.




Our Approach

You will have dedicated, experienced, senior professionals at every point of contact with accessible and open Director involvement on each project. Working in an open office we share information with the team whilst maintaining client confidentiality at all times.

We don’t just design the outcome, we design the project.

We factor in the factors – the program, the economics of development, the detail, the motivations and the metrics of success.

We’re not precious and we don’t know it all.

Our Approach
"Gregg, Wesley and their team were 100% committed from the outset... leading from the front by being available whenever required... their hands on approach apparent by their detailed knowledge of the project at all times.

Mark Newton — TPS

Made By Aim