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West Dorset District Council HQ Image
Project / Commercial
West Dorset District Council HQ Image
West Dorset District Council HQ Image

West Dorset District Council HQ

Client: West Dorset District Council/Simons
Value: £10 million
Status: Completed
Size: 5,000m²

Providing 55,000ft² of Office, Library and Adult Education accommodation which was won through OJEU tender the site was originally considered as a central location within the town, with primary concern being ease of access to its residents. Designed and delivered in part whilst at careyjones by both Wesley and Gregg the aesthetic response needed to be respectful of its historic context within Dorchester and that of South Walks, however specifically needed to avoid a pastiche of styles. A detailed analysis of the site within its context of Dorchester Town Centre and the adjacent Charles Street Masterplan was undertaken to justify the proposals. Completion of pedestrian and vehicular routing strategies developed within the broader Masterplan were to be retained and complemented. The office design achieves a BREEAM Rating of ‘Excellent’.